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Close up of the glisten-y lime & cranberry shadow I used on @sararue Iu2019ll post a glam wrap-up later today u2728#makeup #makeupartist #glam

Chilly glam on @sararue -the key in using bold/unusual color combos is to use the shades sheerly and anchor with crisp lash line u2744ufe0f #makeup #makeupartist #glam

Winter feels with Miss @sararue u2744ufe0f#makeup #makeupartist #glam

Fun night of seeing whatu2019s new from @lancomeofficial -and I got to run into not one, not two...four badass glamu2019rs. Oh, if there had been a fly on the wall...! #makeup #makeupartist #awardsseason

Iu2019ve decided Iu2019m gonna post this pic every year on Dollyu2019s birthday cuz itu2019s just so perfect. See how I managed to make Dolly Partonu2019s Birthday about me?! #dollyparton

Insights on products I used for @camillabelle glam slam for the @jasonwu luncheon. @neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation in Nude. @wander_beauty Beach Balm lip in Petal Pink. @ardellbeauty lashes #Whispies #600 in Black. Cheek & tear duct highlight alu00e1 @itcosmetics Hello Light Illuminizer powder. I blended Camillau2019s natural lashes into the faux fringe with @hourglasscosmetics Extreme Caution mascara in Black. I bathed her cheeks/eyes in @flowerbeauty Blush Bomb Drops in Bubbly. I used the Flower Beauty blush as eye and cheek color and blended into her temples to edge her face in fresh color. #makeup #makeupartist #glam

Brow wow! @camillabelle for the @Jason wu luncheon -swipe to see the #BrettBrow products I used to amp up her already gorgeous arches. Full glam rundown later today. I did a light etching of my #LaserBrow pencil, gave a touch more crisp definition with my duo-shade powder in Dark Brunette. I then brushed brow hairs up and out with my Arch-Control clear gel. Tap products for stores. Glammy! #eyebrows #brows #camillabelle #glam

In the pink on this rainy LA day! Miss Camilla for the Jason Wu luncheon. Iu2019ll post the glam wrap-up tomorrow. Stay tuned! #makeup #makeupartist #glam #camillabelle

What was @candiceking lip print shade from my last post? @flowerbeauty Petal Pout Lipstick in Bright Peony ud83dudc8b #makeup #glam #lipstick

I recognize is ud83dudc8b-hey, @candiceking look what I found from last weeku2019s shoot! Iu2019ll reveal the shade later today! #kiss

-second of all...can I have the last @magnoliabakery cupcake? ud83euddc1

What was Sarahu2019s brow look from my last post? First, I used my #LaserBrow cool toned taupe pencil behind all her brow hairs & filling in sparse areas. I then used the darker tone of my Brett Brow duo-shade powder in Dark Brunette to boost color and give a more glam, evening crispness. I then used my clear Arch-Control Gel to darken brow hairs and hold the up u2018n out flare. Check out at BrettBrow.com or tap pic for a shop near you! #brows #eyebrows #makeup #glam

Eyes up, folks...or youu2019ll miss her Brett Brows ;-) @criticschoice #makeup #makeupartist #sarahsilverman #glam

@sarahkatesilverman for @criticschoice #glamslam

Swipe for product insights. @tartecosmetics Water Foundation/Light Golden. Mascara: @hourglasscosmetics Extreme Caution/Black. Lips: @jouercosmetics pencil/liquid lipstick in Bronze Shimmer/Buff. Cheeks: @itcosmetics Confidence In Glow ombru00e9 palette/Instant Natural Glow. Violet eyeshadows from @sauceboxcosmetics Secret Garden Palette. @makeupforeverofficial Aqua XL Eyeliner/Iridescent Pop Purple. My own #LaserBrow uber skinny, universal cool toned taupe pencil & Arch-Control Gel. @ardellbeauty strip lashes/600.